About the TWC

The Tucson Women’s Chorus brings the joy of singing together in harmony to women and girls in Southern Arizona. Founded in 2002, our songs reflect the deep connection music brings across cultures.

Our Mission

Our mission as a chorus is to help women “find their voice,” and to extend the opportunity to singers and audience alike to explore music from around the world in our intentional effort to bring greater understanding of many cultures and traditions. Through understanding can come an experience of peace as we musically walk in another's shoes... however briefly.

Artistic Director, Catherine Shaw

Catherine Shaw is beginning her fourth year (2018) with the Tucson Women’s Chorus. She first served as Interim Director for a year; this is her third year as Artistic Director.

During her tenure as director, Catherine has become well known for her high-energy conducting style.

Prior to joining the Tucson Women’s Chorus, Catherine served as Principal Clarinetist of the Vassar College and Mahagony orchestras, as well as the lead musician for several chamber ensembles. She has also participated in a variety of instrumental and vocal ensembles.

Catherine holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Vassar College.

Registration Fee & Scholarship

Registration fee for a series is $80/adult. Girls attend at no charge. Registration fee can be paid in installments (see Registrar). Members are responsible for the full (or adjusted) tuition once they commit to joining the chorus by attending two rehearsals (even if for some reason members drop out later during the series).

Scholarships are available for those in true need (as in -- “If I don’t have a scholarship, I cannot participate.”). We operate on the honor system and request that you ask for as little scholarship assistance as possible. We encourage everyone to make some contribution, no matter how small, in the spirit of appropriate energy exchange.

We ask all members to support the fundraising efforts of the membership for the Scholarship Fund so that no woman ever needs to be turned away due to lack of funds.

NOTE: There is ongoing registration available throughout the series. Newcomers are always welcome. We have a pro-rated registration fee for those who join after the first month of rehearsals

We welcome all singers!

Do not let funding issues discourage you from joining us. Financial assistance levels are shown on the registration form; all that is required is for you to indicate which level you require assistance. No questions or proof of need is required. At the present time, twnety percent of our members are receiving some level of financial assistance. We want your voice to be heard; so please come join us in song!

Founder, Karleena Ravenwood

Karleena, Director Karleena Ravenwood, the founder and director of the chorus, is a Natural Voice Practitioner trained in England. She sang in numerous community choruses including the Symphony Chorus in Portland, Oregon, the Adirondack Community Chorus, the Brattleboro Community Chorus and the Brattleboro Women’s Chorus in Vermont. She studied voice as well as viola, cello, classical guitar, Native American flutes, and African drum and frame drumming. She takes as her primary mentor Ysaye Barnwell of Sweet Honey In the Rock, who has shaped Karleena’s way of holding the chorus.

Karleena founded the Tucson Women’s Chorus in 2002 to help women “find their voice” in song. Karleena had to withdraw from conducting the chorus to begin cancer treatment in the fall of 2015, and continued to work behind the scenes until shortly before her death on August 1, 2016.