Helene Jewell

I have always enjoyed music growing up listening to jazz and swing on Saturdays (my Dad) and classical on Sundays (my Mom). Music makes my soul sing but somehow the sound that comes out of my mouth has made those around me cringe! I tried learning to sing in high school chorus and was told in front of the entire group that I had the worst voice my teacher had ever heard and I had no business being in chorus. I left embarrassed and afraid to sing. That was 40 years ago.

I heard the Tucson Women's Chorus perform because a friend joined and I went to support her endeavor. It was fantastic -- the songs, the sounds! I wanted to sing like that! Being told that I wouldn't be thrown out or embarrassed and that perhaps this form of singing would work, I bucked up and joined. That was the fall semester of 2006.

Thanks to Karleena and her belief that anyone can sing given the opportunity and retraining and the ladies in the chorus who are absolutely wonderful, not only does my soul sing, but it can now express itself through my voice and through the songs that Karleena brings to us -- songs from all over the world, songs of love, women's strength, peace, the joining of us all as one and just plain fun songs! My thanks to the Tucson Women's Chorus for bringing my soul and its voice together to make a joyful noise!

Unless you are a part of the chorus, there is no way to truly convey the pure joy that we all share when a song comes together and our voices create a sound that raises us to the heavens. The chorus is not just a place to sing songs, it's an experience waiting to happen!

Donna Royal

I am just amazed at what our director does with such a diverse group of talents. Some have backgrounds in singing and then there are those like me who are just breaking new ground. She's awesome and one of my heroes.

My mother sings with the oldest Gilbert and Sullivan troupe in the country—the Rose Valley Chorus. I spent my teen and early adult years helping out basckstage for their productions, but was always too intimidated to sing in front of others. My mother is thrilled that I have joined this chorus. You have done a beautiful thing by creating the chorus. You are spreading lots of joy. Thank you.

Jewell Peterson

On Monday nights we rehearse.

At the first note sung my heart leaps as if it has been lifted on wings. We lift each other on breaths of harmony. We cruise invisible thermals of tone and time, making ourselves into a flock of free voices navigating to a destination in tight formation.

I am telling you about singing. I am telling you about how that upbeat moment feels. It is enthralling. I must use flowery language, metaphor and poetic simile to describe this unique moment because it s not normal. That is the definition of unique.

The first sound made in unison is unique, magical and unifying. Being inside of it is the thing. The indescribable thing that I love so much and suspect that we who entertain you all share.

On Monday nights we rejoice in the union of our voices.

Like geese. We follow the leader to our destination. A mysterious compass is programmed into each one of us. It is possible to go alone, but instead, we go together, coordinated. Flying inches apart, like the Blue Angels jet airplanes. So close, yet each one autonomous. Precision flying.

On Monday nights we rejoice in the union of our voices.

I once was a member of a Zydeco band. I wore a washboard over the front of me like a chef's apron of percussion, spoons for batons. I wanted to be the singer in the band, but everything has its price, so I learned to sing loudly. The best part of the Zydeco band is the same best part of the chorus, the first sound made in unison.

The upbeat is the edifying moment. It is the leap from the cliff and and is filled with the thrill of knowing that flying is ahead that we are allowed at this time to shed our earthly bonds and fly away together in song. Nothing else matters. No worries. Only flight to an inevitable destination. Our summering grounds where we become long legged pink cranes with food at our feet that asks to be consumed. Warm sun on our backs and no alligators in attendance.

Barbara Hall

I sing because it is good for the soul,
I sing because it eases loneliness,
I sing to have fun,
I sing because it connects me with others,
I sing because it lessens my anxiety,
I sing because it clears the mental clutter from my mind,
I sing because it changes down-moods to up-moods,
I sing because it pushes stale air out of my body and wakes me up,
I sing because it improves circulation of nutrients and oxygen to my whole body,
I sing because it expands my breathing capacity,
I sing because it loosens my jaw muscles after a day of work,
I sing because it creates intimacy with my self and others,
I sing because it is a means of celebration and prayer,
I sing because it soothes my grief,
I sing because it makes me a part of the human story,
I sing because it makes me laugh,
I sing because it bridges gaps with others,
I sing because it makes my heart happy
I sing to tell stories.
Come sing with us for these and 50 other reasons.