Molly McKasson-Morgan

Thanks you so much for the joy (and concentration!) of singing in the chorus. It was so joyful being lifted on waves of song (like playing in the sea). So wonderful to be creating something beautiful, adding and shaping our voices and minds to shine with others the inspiring lyrics and uplifting harmonies—a whole greater than the sum of our parts. Thank you for bringing it all together, for selecting such beautiful pieces and for directing them with such skill.

June 2009

Jennifer Fox

Karleena, thank you for embracing me in the circle of women and giving me the gift of song—because I have a song inside and it has begun to find its expression. You, through the chorus and its weaving of music, are a gifted healer. And I am grateful!

May 2009

Diana Carpenter

One of my chorus member friends brought me a copy of the Spring Concert CD. It just blew me away! I keep thinking we can't surpass the quality of each concert, but this was truly outstanding in all aspects. Congratulations!

I've missed being a part of the chorus the last few weeks of the series and look forward to rejoining you in voice in the fall. Wishing you a peaceful summer filled with music and song.

May 2009

Lucy Ann McWilliams

Music has always been an important part of my life. I did not realize just how important it was to me until I had to reinvent myself due to the many changes that have occurred in my life because of health conditions and a car accident. I have always been one to look at the bright side and keep a positive attitude. As an Alternative Health Care Practitioner, yoga, meditation and helping others has been my life for several decades. When that was all taken from me I found myself slipping into a depression that made daily living very challenging. I went from being so very active and having a purpose, as well as loving my profession profoundly, to having what I felt to be no purpose.

There was, however, a resilient voice inside me that kept saying, "Lucy, you need to sing!" I thought, "Wow, I have not sung since middle school. How could this be?" I went on the Internet and found several different choruses. I was looking at the Tucson Women's Chorus site and saw that I did not have to do an audition. I called Karleena and talked to her for a few minutes. She said they were having a chorus practice that evening and I was welcome to come and try it out.

Being in the chorus has created a profound change in my life. I sing in my car, I sing when I hurt, I sing when I cry, I sing when I am happy...I sing. I sing in different languages, I sing for our planet, I sing for myself and for my fellow humans. I sing for the sake of singing because I can feel it lift me into a more joyous state of being. I thank Karleena Ravenwood, the Founder and Director of Tucson Women's Chorus, for all of her hard work in putting this beautiful group together and the absolutely incredible songs that she selects for us ladies to sing.

I also want to thank all the other beautiful women of the chorus for the love and comaraderie that is exuded in this group. [pause] I knew that experiencing music in school had given me coping skills...but I don't think I quite realized how important music was in my life until I was grappling at the bottom of the barrel. I hope with all my heart that we can all work to keep music in our schools for our children, as it is indeed as important as math, science, English and physical education.

Thanks for listening to my story.

May 2009

Linda Kavak

Karleena, I can't tell you what an honor and pleasure it has been singing under your guidance. I've sung with Leonard Slatkin (National Symphony Orchestra) and other professional groups at the Kennedy Center, and you are sooooooo patient... so talented... your ideas are awesome. Singing a cappella isn't easy and you make it fun and easy! Thanks ever sooooo much!

May 2009

Robyn Zelickson

It was an awesome concert!! I invited a friend specifically because I wanted him to hear "How Can I Keep From Singing" as we had discussed it one day at lunch. He heard Pete Seeger sing it in concert once. Also I thought he would appreciate the harmonies as he is a Ph.D. in music and was a university professor in music for many, many years. Besides, he's a dear sweet man and I wanted to share the gift with him as he hasn't been too well this last year or so. Anyway, he loved it!! He had not realized we sang a cappella and he said that in itself was a wonderful gift...and that was just the beginning of the concert!!

My husband attended for the first time too and he was very impressed. He hasn't wanted to come so far and I think he'll come to future ones as he really liked hearing us and watching me sing. Maybe that makes up for all those Monday nights he's had to make his own dinner.

May 2009

Doris Goldstein

I want to add my thanks for the joyous experience of singing and performing with the twc. My ear tells me we keep improving and of course we owe it all to you. The addition of the musical instrumentation for some of the songs, and the spiritual ceremonies enhance the messages we bring through our songs to the public about the innate knowledge of the universe that women feel and hopefully practice. I am very proud to be a part of the group and intend to continue with you for as many years as I am blessed to do so.

May 2009

Wilhelmina Van Veenendaal

Karleena, I want you to know what a wonderful experience it was for me to be a participant in the Spring Concert last Saturday evening [May 9, 2009]. Although I enjoyed performing at the [Tucson] Folk Festival it did not compare to the joy I felt two days ago. I was so proud to be a member of the Tucson Women Chorus and to see how much the audience liked our songs. The Taco Bell Canon was a big hit again and I hope that w'll have another funny song in our Winter Concert Repertoire. I cannot wait to start again in September! With many thanks and admiration for all you did, in harmony.

May 2009

Lynn Asch

This was my first time at a Tucson Women's Chorus concert, and I loved it! To my surprise, it was a chance to go beyond sitting and listening to wonderful music (which would have been enough), and blossomed into an opportunity to give joyfull voice to many of the parts of my self who've been silenced over the years. Harmony and healing make beautiful music together with the Tucson Women's Chorus.

Mar 2009 (Silver City, NM)

Jennifer Fox

Thank you for supporting me in rediscovering my voice and providing the safe place to share it in harmony with others. I am truly grateful.

Mar 2009


The concert was great. Friends who attended raved about it. It was great fun too. Hope it was delightful for you.

Thank you so much for all your wonderful leadership and fantastic song selection. We are so lucky to have you here working with us! The chorus adds so much joy to my life.

Looking forward to a new round of songs Monday!

Jan 2009 Winter Concert

Catherine Mullaugh

I especially loved the part of the concert that started with the interwoven chants. From that moment on there was a "revelation" of my hearing of the differences of voices so beautifully blended. I came to the concert, in part, knowing I could be in a meditative state and I was. To my ears there was a fullness of voices in harmony, yet also I heard individual voices and synchronized parts in harmony which was transforming... transcending ordinary time to sharing beauty in time... And I believe the audience would agree.

Thank you.

Jan 2009 Winter Concert