Songs not acknowledged below that are performed by twc in concerts and appearances, are in eminent domain as either anonymous, liturgical, traditional, etc.

twc thanks the songwriters of these Spring Series 2016 songs.

P. Wooding & J. Wild Baby Sardine
Karleena Ravenwood Brand New Morning
Music: Marilyn Power Scott. Adapted from poem by RumiThe Clear Bead
Arr: Ysaye Barnwell Soon I Will Be Done
Terry Dash Sure As the Wind
Becky Reardon This
Music: Nancy Schimmel. Words from Isaiah 55:12 Trees of the Wild
We Are Sending You Light Melanie DeMore

twc thanks the songwriters of these Fall Series 2015 songs.

Michael PraetoriusJubilate
R. Alex AndersonMele Kalikimaka
Music: Linda Hirschhorn
Words: Liturgy
Sim Shalom
Terry DashSure As the Wind
Kristin LemWe Are Stars/ Anach Nu
Linda Smith KoehlerWinter Solstice
Music: Betsy Jo Angebranndt
Words: Roberts S. Lehman
Arranged: Karleena Ravenwood
Within the Shining of a Star

twc thanks the songwriters of these Spring Concert 2013 songs.

Terry GarthwaiteJuju
Music: I.B. Woodbury
Words: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Stars of the Summer Night
Music: Sue Durant
Words: Chinese proverb
When There Is Light

twc thanks the songwriters of these Spring Concert 2012 songs.

Linda HirschhornHeartbeat
Kate Munger w/text by Gloria SteinemSay Yes to Peace
Kristin LemsWe Are Stars/Anach Nu
Melanie DeMoreI Am Sending You Light
Joanne HammilHappy Birthday Round
Joanne HammilA Question of Tempo
Sue RibandoTogether In Song
Lisa ThielThere Is a Goddess Dancing
Starhawk / Reclaiming CollectiveIsis, Astarte
Dinah Reindorf (song originated in Ghana)Kyrie Eleison

twc thanks the songwriters of these Fall Concert 2011 songs.

Bernard KrainisHappy Birthday Round
Michael & Maloch Stillwater w/text by Shira BelfordThe Heart of Love
Paramahansa YoganandaListen, Listen, Listen
Kristopher Eric LindquistMay All Beings Be Happy
Liz PhillipsMorning Child
Kate Munger & Karen DruckerSo Many Angels
Terry CashSure As the Wind
Becky ReardonThe Tarantulas and Winter Solstice Round
Karen BethFull Moonlight Dance

twc thanks the songwriters of these Spring Concert 2011 songs.

Ysaye BarnwellHope
Beth Nielsen ChapmanThere's a Light
Terry DashSure As the Wind
Joanne HammilOut Beyond
Kate MungerMy Grandmother's Shawl
Malia A.K. RogersGoodnight Hawaiian Moon

twc thanks the songwriters of these Fall Concert 2010 songs.

Amber GaiaAngel Eyes
Becky ReardonDon't Give Up
Joelle AdlerblumChocoholic Round
Layne RedmondUma
Liz PhillipsColor My Heart
Nancy Vedder-ShultsRise Up and Call Her Name
Sarah Stockwell ArthenNow the Darkest Time of Winter
StarhawkIsis, Astarte
Terry DashSure As the Wind
Velma FryeThe Truth

twc thanks the songwriters of these Spring Concert 2010 songs.

Velma FryeAll Through the Night (arrangment)
Velma Frye & Candy ButlerLet Go and Move
Velma Frye & Macrina WiederkehrWhat Is
Linda HirschhornSim Shalom
Scott KalechsteinLift Our Hearts
Liz PhillipsSunlight, Starlight
Pete SeegerIf It Can't Be Reduced
Ted WarmbrandDon't Make Her Mad
Nancy Vedder-ShultsYemaya (arrangement)

Songwriter Bios

Joanne Hammil

Joanne Hammil is a songwriter, performer, educator, community choral director, and passionate rounds composer. She directs the Greater Boston Intergenerational Chorus and two community children's choruses, and presents dynamic concerts and workshops for adults, families, and music educators across the country. Her songs have been performed and recorded by many artists, have been widely published, and her rounds have become exciting standards in books, harmony circles and choir repertoires.

The Sing Out! review of her Rounds & Partner Songs begins "Extraordinary is the only term for this most enjoyable two-CD and two-book collection!" Joanne's two recordings of her original children's songs, Pizza Boogie and The World's Gonna Listen!, and her adult songs continue to receive the highest acclaim.


Becky Reardon

Becky Reardon's voice is familiar to the millions of people who heard her singing on the Charlie Brown TV specials in the 1970's and '80's. She appeared with George C. Scott and The Fifth Dimension in an NBCTV celebration of the 100th anniversary of the national parks, and she was a regular performer at acoustic venues in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as a studio singer for many national TV and radio commercials.


Ted Warmbrand

When not singing other people's songs, Ted Warmbrand has been making up his own for a long time. They address issues big and small. He says

This song was made up one morning
it was my wife's inspiration
and I followed it to wherever it would lead.
Some say the woman mentioned in the song is Mama Earth.
You make up your mind...

Nancy Vedder-Shults

If I step back to allow an overview of my work, what I see is that I want to Awaken a Creative Vision. I want to inspire new ways of seeing and hearing so that together we can transform the false polarities of our culture and create a more holistic and compassionate understanding of the world. I want to awaken a creative vision that connects and reconnects us to the earth, to each other and to the many ways of knowing ourselves and our Mother Gaia.